Schools Program

Calling all teachers and educators looking for fun and enriching things to do in Gladstone with children!

Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre is home to the Gladstone Region’s most exciting and engaging child-friendly entertainment and events. 

Every year, our Schools Program is filled with a brilliantly diverse range of children’s theatre shows and events. With productions suitable for both primary and secondary school students, national touring acts provide performances that are highly engaging and relevant to the current national curriculum, many featuring workshops, education packs and teacher resources that are invaluable for consolidating learning.  


Plan your school excursions to GECC!

Learning opportunities outside the classroom are extremely valuable for your students but we know that planning school excursions is not always easy. Our team aims to make your visit to GECC as streamlined and stress-free as possible so that students and teachers alike enjoy a great day out.

  • If your school requires assistance with transport to and from GECC, we recommend applying for the Grassroots Fund via the Gladstone Regional Council’s Community Investment Program. These grants are open in rounds so planning well ahead is advised.

  • We know that time out of the classroom can be difficult to facilitate, particularly for secondary school students. We schedule some events outside of school hours so that your students can experience our live performances without missing critical classroom learning.

  • Fundraising incentives are available for schools who book tickets to our kids’ entertainment. Additionally, GECC is currently trialling a new fundraising option for schools on the School Holiday Program. To learn more, please get in touch.

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QSO the flying orchestraA lonely traveler is accompanied by a melancholic violin, and an airport arrival is celebrated with a symphony. The orchestra even plays when someone learns to ride a bike! Adapted for Queensland Symphony Orchestra by Brisbane-born composer Joe Twist. Based on Australian author Clare McFadden's award-winning picture book of the same name, set in Brisbane.

Time/ Date
11:30am, Friday 16 August 2024


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WaruUnder the star-illuminated skies of the Torres Strait, a green turtle navigates her way back to the beach where she was born. The season has started, the turtles are returning to nest, and soon the island will welcome a new generation of hatchlings – amongst them, our small turtle friend, Migi! 

Recommended for ages 3-7.

Download the teacher resource kit here.

Time/ Date
10am and 12:30pm, Tuesday 29 October

Student: $13.50
Teacher: FREE
Extra Adults: $18

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Unique cultural experiences for every student

GECC enjoys a strong connection to local schools and those across the wider Gladstone Region, introducing students of every age to unique cultural experiences that are chosen for their alignment with the national curriculum.

The performing arts provide a safe and engaging medium to explore broad themes and deliver educational content in a way that is both entertaining and personal. Nothing enhances cross-curriculum priorities quite like the addition of drama, music and dancing! Our shows will leave a lasting impression on your students.