Friends Of The Theatre

What is FOTT?

Our FOTT program is made up of over 50 volunteers who assist in keeping the centre running smoothly. They play an integral role in helping us deliver a diverse range of exciting concerts, theatrical productions, and corporate events throughout the year.

In fact, in an average year, our volunteers contribute over 3000 hours – a total labour value of more than $139,000. So when we say we couldn’t do it without our brilliant FOTT team, we mean it!


By joining FOTT, volunteers make a meaningful contribution to our local community, to arts and culture, and to the overall atmosphere of our venue. That warm regional town hospitality we’re known for is in no small part due to our FOTT volunteers who greet every guest with a welcome smile.

But the talents of our volunteers don’t stop at hello! Services provided by FOTT include:

  • ushering
  • registrations and ‘meet and greet’ for performances, workshops, activities, and conferences
  • guest safety in the event of an emergency evacuation
  • Annual facilitation of nominations and assessment for the GECC Hall of Fame award
Usher assisting customer

Why become a FOTT volunteer?

Becoming a FOTT volunteer is an incredible opportunity to join our thriving GECC community. Yes, you’ll be providing an invaluable service within the centre, but the experience has many personal rewards to offer, too. You’ll enjoy:

  • exclusive access to our FOTT rewards system which can be used towards free tickets to upcoming shows
  • training and professional development opportunities including council induction, fire warden training, and exposure to exciting gala events
  • early bird info about selected shows
  • opportunities for fun and friendship when you mingle with other volunteers at regular social club dinners and activities (bowling, anyone?)
  • a genuine sense of purpose and pride contributing to the community

What you need to apply

We’d love you to join us! To become an FOTT volunteer, you must: 

  • have a valid Blue Card 
  • not have a criminal record in the past 5 years 
  • be 18 years or older
  • be able to volunteer at a minimum of nine events per year 
  • be mobile so you can walk up and down stairs.

Will you join us for an exciting year full of fun, friendship, and new opportunities? Immerse yourself in arts and culture with the GECC Friends Of The Theatre! 

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