Adagio School of Dance Coppelia

Adagio welcomes you to celebrate the art of dance through the enchanting story of Coppelia.

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Our talented dancers will bring this story to life under the expert guidance of internationally renowned, professional ballerina Wendy Barker.

Our story begins in a quaint Polish village where mystery and intrigue arouse amongst the villagers as they gaze upon Dr Coppelius’ favourite doll Coppelia who is seated on the balcony of the doll maker's workshop. Local village belle Swanhilda greets and dances with her friends while preparations get underway for the annual harvest festival. Naughty children tease Dr Coppelius causing her to drop the key to her workshop. Swanhilda and her friends, finding the key, sneak into Dr Coppelius’ workshop where they find mesmerising theatrical dolls who perform vibrant dances. Dr Coppelius returns and chases them away except for Swanilda who manages to hide! Franz, a young villager, creeps into the workshop and Dr Coppelius leaps at the opportunity to enact her cunning plan to bring Coppelia to life. Alas! Dr Coppelius falls victim to deceit as Swanhilda, dressed as Coppelia, performs as though she is herself the doll. When Dr Coppelius discovers Swanhilda has tricked her and her doll has not come to life at all, she is broken-hearted. All ends well as celebrations at the festival commence and Dr Coppelius and the villagers are reconciled.

Join us in enjoying this traditional classical ballet production performed by local talent right here in Gladstone.

This production is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund.


6.30pm, Friday 25th November


Adult: $30
Concession: $25
Student: $18
Children (under school age): $10
Family 2A+2C: $17.50pp

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