The Box Show

Tag along for a day in the life of a bunch of musical misfits as they reinvigorate the junk that the world has forgotten.

Event Details

Following four characters during their daily activities in a world made of cardboard boxes and junk, with a language of gibberish and rhythm (Rhythmish), this show is accessible to any age and nationality. The contents of an abandoned kitchen become the greatest drum set in the world. Pipes from a plumber’s van produces eerie melodies, plastic bags are an amazing musical instrument and wheelie bins suddenly get a whole new meaning… 

Workshop available limited numbers, bookings essential 


10am, Friday 19 August 


Students: $16.50
Family (2A + 2C): $10.25pp
Group 4+: $11pp
Group 6+: $10pp

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Hungry for something more? Grab $12 Chicken Satay and Rice from the GECC Bar before the show! 

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